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About Us

Sharution was founded in Malaysia in the year 2011, by a group of young technology and business experts who are passionately excited about the trends in online business and mobile application. Since our establishment, we have become a leading company in online platform development services providing end-to-end solution.

We aspire to become a progressive online platform development company. Sharution seek to effectively utilizing people, resources and technology to effectually assist our clients to meet their business objectives. We aim to provide innovative and effective solutions of high quality while being competitive in all aspects.

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Enabling our customers start their own online business with ease.

Core Values

Our core values define who we want to be, are integrated into everything we do, and are deeply rooted in our culture. These values are so important to us that we regularly review them to ensure they continue to serve in supporting our mission.

Our Mission


Have a passion to serve; make sure we truly benefit our customers.


See change as an opportunity; be the change leader.


Recognize collective intelligence is the only way to see the whole picture; be ecosystem friendly.


Dare to fail; create new social values.


No ego; be authentic; be sincere; be consistent.

Our Team

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